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This morning a little “reminder” popped up in my outlook inbox. It was untitled so I clicked it, confused about what I was supposed to do today.

“NON ID INFO SHOULD BE HERE BY NOW!!!!” said the reminder.

I guess I put that reminder there for myself when I first decided to send the money order and the paperwork away to get my file. That was about five weeks ago. Today is a month after my fake birthday.

It saddens me that money may have kept me and my natural mom to begin with and now it is still keeping us separated after twenty two years.

I’m still waiting on an email from GOAL about my Holt paperwork. Hopefully something positive will come of that.

My intentions are good, please universe, send me the money to find my mama.


August 14, 2009 at 1:29 pm 2 comments

An Update on My Search

I haven’t had much time to post lately. I’ve been treading the murky waters that is relationship drama. I just thought I would send off a short little post just to update anyone who reads here on my search progress.

I wrote before about not having the money to spend on my adoption papers from my agency. Unfortunately, my money situation has not changed much, and while I am paying off my debts, I desperately need to save for a car.

I did not send the money order back. I cashed it and stuck in my savings. Good thing I did too, because now I need it to bail myself out of yet another financial jam. It seems that reading books underneath my desk in math class has not served me well at all.

Although it may seem that my search stopped there, I did email GOAL asking them to help me get paperwork from Holt in Korea. I thinking that paperwork holds much more valuable information than the paperwork held ransom by my adoption agency. My only worry when I get that paperwork, is how to get it translated into English by someone I trust.

So for now, I’m waiting.

August 5, 2009 at 12:35 pm 2 comments

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