Step One

July 6, 2009 at 4:26 pm Leave a comment

Today was a big day for me.

I made a huge leap, and sent away for my file.

I filled out the paperwork, had it notarized, got a money order, and mailed it all registered mail. Overkill? Maybe. But I can’t sit around for weeks waiting on this paperwork wondering if they ever even got my request.

I’m one step closer to finding my mom, my family. And I am scared shitless. As much as I want to know where I came from, once I know, there is really no going back.  Part of me regrets putting the paperwork in the mail. I’m not ready. I don’t think I am.  But can you ever really be ready?

Can any of this set my mind at ease? Or will the knowledge only serve to torture me?


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