A Goodbye to a Loyal Friend

January 24, 2009 at 5:15 pm Leave a comment


Not my picture...I couldnt find one of my own

Not my picture...I couldn't find one of my own

My heart aches for my little truck.

She was a trusty old gal…survived over 22 years with under 90,000 miles. A gift to my younger sister for her sixteenth birthday, the truck became a member of our family. My sister and I rode around in the little white dodge often. We would go to the movies, to the mall, to work, home, and on all kinds of random adventures.

Eventually my sister purchased another, newer, larger truck. And after totaling my last car (a white Ford Tempo) I bought her truck from her for one thousand dollars cash.

The first summer I had my truck (the summer of 2007) was a sweet, beautiful summer I will always remember. That’s the summer I fell in love with John, the summer that I changed.

I remember the first time I drove my little truck. I went to my friend Amy’s house around the corner to watch tv. The day was warm and smelled of grass and sun. I was ecstatic to have her. I loved my truck from the moment I first drove her.

When I first moved out on my own I moved the majority of my boxes in the back of my truck. That lonely time when I was at first all on my own I spent driving around town in my truck. She was more than just a vehicle to me, she was a companion.

To see my friend, my companion, crushed and shattered like that broke my heart. I sobbed because I know I lost more than just a car. I lost a friend, I lost a link to who I became that beautiful summer when everything changed.

I sat in her for the last time this morning as I emptied the last of my belongings from the inside of her and said goodbye to one of my most loyal friends.


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